Sometimes we think that owning a small dog and potty training is different than training a bigger dog, but the truth is this is not true. Keep all the rules the same as a big dog. Small dog can learn just as fast as a big dog can,and you just might find out that you will be a little surprise at how fast they can learn.

Her is a great dog training video for small dog potty training, and house training.

Learning the rules for housebreaking,

Dog Training For Puppies.

Learning how to train a new puppy is one thing that we all need some help with.If you are looking for this type of training then this is a great puppy training video that can help anyone out. Don Sullivan Dog Training, has been see on tv,and it look like a good dog training program.

So i have pruchase it to see if it would work for me and my two dog and i will tell you that i had them house training and housebreaking and two weeks. Just like to share this information with you.



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