How to Solve  Separation Anxiety

If you have a dog that is suffering from separation anxiety then you have found the right website to learn on to solve your dogs behavioral problem. Before i start to tell you about why your dog has this type of issue,you must understand that what i”m going to tell you is somethings that you will not find anywhere else online today.

So here”s why, most everyone is lead to believe that their dog have this type of behavior because it was a rescue shelter dog. That is the reason for this behavior. But that is not true, because the dog had it before he got to the the rescue,and the owners of the dog did not want to deal with their spoil dog behavior that they causes in their dog.

Everybody is brain wash today to believe that dogs with separation anxiety is a big problem and the only way of getting  it fixes is to put the dog or puppy on medication because they call there local vet. And that’s what people always do first before calling a professional dog trainer or behavioral trainer for the right help with their dogs behavior.

Crate Training with Separation Anxiety

This is a another big problem that pet owners have with their dogs and puppy’s when they go to put their dog in to the crate, the dog just starts barking and whining, like a spoil little baby, and the owner of the dog just gives in and then their dog just becomes dominance over them and has there owners trained.

Here Is A Great Video, with a professional dog trainer that is teaching this lady how to deal with her dogs separation anxiety with her German Shepherd dog. I could not have explained it better then this, and this is the truth.

Part Two of video one, By Don Sullivan The Truth About Dogs With Separation Anxiety.

In This video Don Is explaining the nice way to these three Lady’s why people have this type of behavior in their dogs. A lot of people have a hard time believing this story but if you just thing about what he is telling you, it will all make sense. I have been raising my owner dogs and never had any problems with this type of behavior with any of my dogs. And i no a lot my friends that have family friends that have rain it to all kinds of dog problems because of having separation anxiety in their dogs. And all it takes to fix the problem is some rules and the right boundaries for their dog.

I hope the information and dog training videos has help anyone that comes to my site, and please check back because i will be updating this site weekly,and will be adding new content all the time on dog training and dog behavior training.



Best Of Luck, Dennis



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